Finance Options

When facing tight cash flow, commercial financing options are accessible for business customers, schools, and churches, enabling you to acquire the furniture and equipment necessary for your operations. Enjoy the convenience of affordable monthly payments to ease financial strain.

Why Consider Financing?

  • Growth and Expansion: Financing enables businesses to invest in expansion efforts, new market entry, and increased production capacity without depleting their cash reserves, facilitating sustainable growth.

  • Cash Flow and Operational Stability: It helps manage cash flow fluctuations, cover operational costs, and make significant capital expenditures, ensuring businesses maintain operational stability and financial flexibility.

  • Strategic Investments: Financing supports strategic initiatives such as research and development, inventory purchases, acquisitions, and emergency fund needs, allowing businesses to innovate, stay competitive, and navigate unforeseen challenges.

    What Are Your Options?

    • We have established partnerships with leading financing companies to offer you exceptional financing options at competitive rates, featuring rapid credit decisions.

    • Our financing partners are equipped to work with organizations of all types, from well-established entities to start-up businesses, ensuring we find the optimal financial solution for your needs.

    • Please contact us at 1-855-307-3861 as we can assist with choosing the best partner for your business. 

    Preferred Financing Partners

    Rapid approval, all types of business credit, flexible payment terms and rates.
    Hampton Ridge
    Soft credit check only - businesses and churches qualify - Fast approvals.

    Direct Capital
    $2,500 minimum - 
    wide credit window - Terms from 12-60 Months 
    Customers must have 2+ years in business (verifiable)
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    High Quality & Affordable

    Explore an exquisite range of budget-friendly commercial and residential furniture, seamlessly fusing quality with practicality, to elevate your workspace or enrich your business and home environments.

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    Impressive Collection

    Explore our extensive collection of thousands of in-stock, ready to ship products, catering to diverse needs ranging from office, restaurant, hospitality, school, event, worship, medical, and residential.

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    Great Customer Service

    We prioritize exceptional customer service. Whether you're exploring products or making purchases, our team is here to assist. Trust matters – we work to strengthen it with every interaction.